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Pushwoosh pricing plans

Get the best value for money with Pushwoosh’s cost-effective pricing for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.


Automate customer engagement. Build complex campaigns with conditions based on user behavior and properties.

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$ 49 /MO
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  • Omnichannel campaigns: push notifications, in-apps, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Segmentation and dynamic flow branching based on user behavior & attributes
  • Statistically significant 
A/B/n testing
  • Email & in-app message builders
  • Personalized & localized content
  • AI composer for push, email & in-app message content
  • Real-time analytics & custom dashboards
  • API access & Integrations with 3rd-party services

Custom Plan

Get a unique solution for your business, based on your specific goals and needs.

Get a plan perfectly personalized for your business

  • Personal onboarding program & SLA (service-level agreement)
  • 24/7 priority support with a dedicated manager
  • Legal documents: MSA, Commercial agreement and Optional DPA
  • Custom contract & custom overage limits
  • Payment by invoice & custom billing cycle
  • Dedicated private cloud
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Ultra high-speed push delivery option

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial of Pushwoosh?

You can sign up for Pushwoosh for free and try some of the core features on a demo app.

Does Pushwoosh have a free plan?

If your project has up to 1k subscribers, you can use Pushwoosh in a limited capacity for free.

What do you mean by “unlimited push notifications”?

It means you can send out as many push notifications as you need — no limitations, no additional fees.

I know I can send push notifications with Pushwoosh. What else?

Pushwoosh is a leading omnichannel customer engagement platform that enables SMBs and enterprise-level companies to engage, retain, and convert their audiences, driving monetization and growth. Leveraging a variety of channels, including mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, email, SMS, and WhatsApp, businesses can execute effective communication strategies with the help of Pushwoosh's advanced segmentation, personalization, and optimization features.

How can I get started with Pushwoosh?

It’s easy! Just contact us, and we'll schedule a comprehensive product demo so you can better understand how Pushwoosh can help your business.

Is it difficult to switch to Pushwoosh from another customer engagement platform?

You can migrate your user base to Pushwoosh by yourself or ask us for assistance. Our customer success managers will help you migrate your subscribers and get started with Pushwoosh.

Is customer success service included in all Pushwoosh plans?

By default, only Custom Plans users have a dedicated customer success manager. However, if you have a lower plan and wish to have professional advice on your campaigns, you can receive customer success services as an extra.

Can I increase the limits of my Pushwoosh plan?

Sure. You can do so by contacting our support team, and we'll get your limits customized. For example, if you need over 20k emails per month, that would be no problem.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

If your business needs have grown (or reduced) over time, you can always discuss new conditions with Pushwoosh Team, and we'll find the best option for you.

Is Pushwoosh GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?

Yes. We are fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

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