Looking for the best customer engagement platform? See how Pushwoosh compares to Firebase and choose the most efficient solution to your business goals.
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase
Firebase vs. Pushwoosh
Pushwoosh compared to Firebase

Pushwoosh vs. Firebase:
Complete Comparison

Reasons to choose Pushwoosh over Firebase as a customer engagement platform

Pushwoosh vs. Firebase functionality
Broader functionality for marketing communication
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase automation
Automated workflows
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase segmentation and personalization
Advanсed segmentation
and personalization
Fine performance both on iOS and Android
Works globally
with no exception
Great support
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase high-speed push
High-speed notifications
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase for marketers
Ease of use for
Pushwoosh vs. Firebase pricing
Affordable and transparent pricing

What's the difference between
Pushwoosh and Firebase?

Pushwoosh is an advanced customer engagement platform.
It allows sending broadcast and event-triggered push notifications, in-app messages, and emails to 22 platforms.

Top advantages:

- Advanced personalization and segmentation features;
- Requires less investment and time to achieve growth KPIs;
- Convenient UI for non-developers.

Best for: Mobile marketers, product managers, and app developers to deliver one-time or automated lifecycle marketing communications.
Firebase is a full-fledged software for developing apps.
It has all the basic features to release a product faster and start sending messages to its first users.

Top advantages:

- A developer-focused platform that makes it easy to launch for start-up projects with no marketing or product team;
- Free basic functionality for starters.

Best for: Developers of start-up projects who are not ready to invest a lot into product and marketing growth.

Feature comparison: Pushwoosh vs. Firebase Cloud and In-App Messaging

We'll do a fair comparison and focus on the messaging capabilities of both solutions.
Disclaimer: all the information on the available features, pricing, and ratings is valid as of January 21, 2021. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please contact our support team. For more information on Pushwoosh features, you may request a personal product tour. To discover Pushwoosh plans and limits, please visit the pricing page.

Broad feature overview

Personalization and Segmentation

Extra features

Pushwoosh vs. Firebase pricing:
the tricky part

Firebase may look appealing for beginners as the platform offers free access to its features — until you exceed a certain limit. Then their "pay as you go" pricing swings into action. The bill depends directly on the amount of data stored and transferred with Firebase, the number of verifications performed, and hours of testing.

Such highly customizable pricing may look fair, but it may be inconvenient for the user. You never know precisely in advance how much you'll have to pay in the end. This means that the app's growth will be both a blessing and a curse.

Pushwoosh, in the meantime, offers several custom plans for marketers, as well as a limited-functionality plan for developers. Either way, the ultimate price of the package will be arranged beforehand and won't be a surprise for your accountants at the end of the month. Moreover, if you surpass the limits in the course of the paid period, your messaging won't stop altogether. Your notifications will be delivered within the volume you've paid for.

User reviews: Pushwoosh vs. Firebase

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What type of companies choose Pushwoosh

More than 80,000 businesses have used Pushwoosh worldwide to boost their customer engagement. Pushwoosh enables efficient cross-channel messaging for a broad range of apps: media, telecom, banking, healthcare, gaming, sports, delivery, travel, and others.

Pushwoosh is cost-efficient and thus popular among SMBs. Its working capacities and speed of delivery can satisfy the needs of enterprise businesses.
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