Advanced segmentation for a friendly budget? Everything is possible with Pushwoosh! Say goodbye to imprecise targeting – achieve higher CTRs, retain your audience, and boost conversions effortlessly with our built-in behavioral segmentation tools.

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Struggling to reach every segment of your audience without breaking the bank?

"good enough”

Segment your contacts and personalize your campaigns exactly how you’ve envisioned them and achieve your desired results.

Broad segments
Low engagement and conversions
High price for the tool
The perfect segmentation
Hyper-narrow targeting
A part of the audience may stay unreached

Hit the sweet spot with Pushwoosh's
multi-layered behavioral segmentation!

Primary segmentation

Visual segmentation

RF(M) segmentation

High-speed segmentation

Predictive segmentation

Segment precisely with user tags, real-time and past events, and compound filters.
Work with more agility and convenience: render segments in your automation flows with our visual builder.
Boost ROI by identifying and targeting high-value segments based on purchase and engagement history.
Leave the competitors far behind by delivering the hottest news to pre-compiled segments 100X faster.
Prevent customer attrition leading to revenue loss with pre-churn segments based on data from your favorite analytics tools.

Simple implementation – incredible results

activation rate
CTR compared to the industry benchmark
When we've personalized our content to specific segments of our audience, we've seen a significant increase in CTR compared to non-personalized content. This suggests that our audience is more likely to engage with content tailored to their interests and needs
Ori Matarasso
CMO @ AvaTrade
Prove your audience that you understand them! With our customer segmentation tools, you can filter users based on assigned tags as well as real-time or past events and personalize your communication even further with compound filters.

Get as niche as your campaign requires. Need to upsell a new pair of accessories to women who purchased a dress less than a month ago? Not a problem! With Pushwoosh, you can select precisely who will receive your message and when!

I Segmentation layer

Pushwoosh advanced segment builder

Everything you’ve come to expect from a behavioral segmentation tool

In the past year, Pushwoosh’s abilities in user segmentation have significantly improved. The new option for “Or” in the Tags selection has improved our abilities and reduced the time to send pushes. It’s quite easy to create a segment and use it, and now with the new event-based segments it is even more powerful!
Mark Astrin,
Product and Development Manager

Visual behavioral customer segmentation for build-and-launch campaigns

Visualize your entire user segmentation process with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. Target and narrow down your user segments on the go.

Set up starting customer segments and events targeting the audience you want to capture.

Specify the original segment further as your campaign progresses:
- Merge segments and conditions for one group of users;
- Filter your funnel by adding and eliminating users upon concluding a certain action.
II Segmentation layer
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder
Thanks to Pushwoosh, we are able to reach an individual user in a precise way, offering them personalized content suitable to their tastes.
Enrico Antonini
Conquer the hearts of your most recent users and loyal customers with tailored communications and offers.

Work directly with pre-defined RF(M) segments to improve your CLV, drive more conversions, and track monetary metrics faster.

It's not all about the money, so feel free to drop the Monetary attribution and focus on non-purchase events triggered within your app.

Explore the Pushwoosh RF(M) Segmentation tool in detail >

RF(M) segmentation for identifying the highest-value customers with ease

III Segmentation layer

High-speed segmentation for sharing the important news with your audience first

Need to deliver your pushes super fast while keeping them personalized and efficient? With our high-speed segments, you can rest assured you'll be the fastest news source in your followers' feeds.

  • Prepare high-speed segments in advance and avoid any delay between notification delivery and a real-world event

  • Send high-speed pushes to millions or billions of your subscribers with ease

  • Rely on our advanced tech stack to create an unlimited number of high-speed segments
IV Segmentation layer


Up to 500k

faster than the average speed

notifications per second

Predictive segmentation with integrated services for churn prevention

Dive really deep into understanding your audience and enable predictive behavioral segmentation with the data gathered via your favorite analytics tools.

We partner with the most reliable integration partners to ensure you get the latest info on which segments are most likely to churn or purchase, not limiting your events to your website alone!

Explore Pushwoosh integration partners or become one >
V Segmentation layer
With Pushwoosh, it’s very convenient to segment customers by their order history, AOV, and preferred product categories. Then it’s easy to send relevant communications to these segments — it’s all automated, and it keeps manual work to the minimum.
E-commerce customer

Discover enterprise-level behavioral segmentation software for a friendly budget