Add a human touch to your communication campaigns by implementing conversational messaging via WhatsApp.

All-in-one WhatsApp marketing software

PUSHWOOSH whatsapp
Reach your users via the most popular channel in LATAM and MENA regions
coverage Saudi Arabia
coverage in Egypt
coverage in Brazil
Let your users respond to prompts and make choices via interactive buttons and chatbots. Drive user engagement, conversion to a target action, and satisfaction with your brand.
Delivery and appointment management
Support automation
Confirming or rescheduling orders and appointments;
Feedback collection
Collecting user feedback with ease.
Automated responses to common queries or directing to human specialists;
Real-time product recommendations based on user responses;

Leverage capabilities of WhatsApp two-way communication

Shopping assistance
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder
Pushwoosh integration and onboarding
Camilo Andrés L.,
Loyalty and Digital Media Analyst
Pushwoosh customer service
We switched to Pushwoosh because the platform integrates all digital marketing channels with CRM: email, SMS, mobile push, loyalty.
Automate informational, transactional, service, and promotional WhatsApp campaigns via webhooks;
Combine WhatsApp messaging with push notifications, emails, and sms;
Centralize user data, user events, and all messaging channels in one platform;
Initiate event-triggered or scheduled campaigns;
Create user segments right in the interface;
Enhance user journeys with customer-centric messaging.

Plan any messaging campaign with Pushwoosh

Match mobile numbers with push notification devices to access user profile and behavioral data (assigned tags, real-time and past actions).

Pushwoosh advanced segment builder

Centralize customer data and craft the most precise segments

Use this data to tailor any segment you need. Want to promote a new after-sun skincare product to women who purchase sunscreen products from November to April? No problem! With Pushwoosh, you can select specific audiences and reach them via their preferred channels!

Rest assured in strong data security for you and your end users

Pushwoosh stores and processes all data on its own hardware servers in the US and Germany. For our European customers, we guarantee GDPR compliance.
Pushwoosh ISO 27001 Certified Data Center
Pushwoosh is GDPR compliant
Pushwoosh adheres to OWASP

ISO 27001

Storing data on ISO 27001 certified servers

Adhering to OWASP principles


Ensuring GDPR compliance


Insights & analytics

Pushwoosh delivers exceptional content and high-impact insights backed by solid data:

  • Exclusive research
  • Best practices
  • Industry guides

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The open rate for WhatsApp marketing campaigns is around 80%. That makes WhatsApp an effective and reliable channel for reaching and engaging with a target audience.