Your data is safe with Pushwoosh

ISO 27001 certified
GDPR compliant

Pushwoosh data centers are located in the US and Germany

Adhering to OWASP
Pushwoosh ISO 27001 Certified Data Center
Pushwoosh is GDPR compliant
Pushwoosh adheres to OWASP
The infrastructure, operation and customer support of our data centers are fully in line with the standard.
Pushwoosh guarantees its compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.
We follow the recognized development principles that make our software secure by design.
Pushwoosh infrastructure is secure by design

Pushwoosh Data Center Location in Germany
For Pushwoosh, customer data safety is more than a priority — it's a prerequisite.
Web application firewall with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System &
Anti-DDoS protection
Isolated dedicated infrastructure for Private Offering setup
High-speed fault tolerant storage with hardware RAID reserve
Telecom-grade fault-tolerant network equipment with 2x redundacy
Front-end load balancers ensuring 99.9% availability
What's more, Pushwoosh infrastructure is built in a way to ensure continuous availability and highest-level performance.



Highly available

We run on privately owned enterprise-grade server hardware and only store our customers' data in Pushwoosh Enterprise Cloud.
Non-stop monitoring of service availability and response speed
We keep an eye on the technical availability of our servers 24/7. This allows us to achieve Pushwoosh's signature uptime and speed of messaging.
We run security checks on a schedule. If there is a tiny risk of vulnerability, we'll make sure to prevent it.
Pushwoosh's physical infrastructure is only open for authorized personnel with individual access keys. Biometric authentication is required for entering. The servers are extra protected with 24/7 video surveillance.
Automated vulnerability scans and pentesting
Strict control of access to the data center

Extra support —
for you to stay 100% confident

Be reassured: should you have a technical issue or the slightest doubt in the safety of the data you share with the Pushwoosh platform, our Support Team is there to respond.

Customers work with the engineers located in the nearest timezones.
The team stays awake when our customers are alert. Any issue is tackled within hours after it's reported. Whatever the time is.
There is no excuse for falling short on your objective. Pushwoosh Support + Customer Success Teams will help you overcome any technical or strategic obstacle.
On duty 24/7

Distributed all over the world

360-degree support