Customer Engagement Platform for Mobility & Delivery Apps

Explore a smart way to reach out to a massive number of customers at the right time. Cater the best possible value at the least possible cost to your mobile app users.
Customer Engagement Platform for Mobility & Delivery
retained customers
number of orders
Take customer
spike in delivery sales

under your control

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

One platform to

Analyze your marketing campaigns and fine-tune them to achieve great results

engage & retain

upsell & cross-sell

track performance

Promote your services and provide special offers to increase order value
Convert your app users into repeat customers and grow your customer LTV
Feedback Collection
Upsell Offers
Ride or Delivery Status

Keep your customers informed with eye-catching in-app messages


Track your marketing efficiency by targeted Campaigns

Time and Location
Purchase History

Make personalized offers with behavioral and geo-based segmentation

Multilanguage Communication
Recurring Notifications
Broadcast Messaging

Hand over all the routine work to automated triggered messaging

Improve your delivery or ride fulfillment metrics with transactional notifications across various channels.

Get 86% of customers to spend more by keeping them notified — and satisfied.

Follow through on the orders

Customer Engagement Platform for Mobility & Delivery
Drive ordering via the top 6 most effective communication channels.

Reactivate dormant users using alternative ways of communication.

Cater to anyone's taste in channels

Messaging Solution for Mobility & Delivery
Contribute to your app rating growth by popping up in-apps right after delivery or ride completion.

Use customer feedback to improve your mobile app experience.

Measure customer satisfaction

Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery

Boost your marketing mobility like the brands that deliver

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Insights & analytics

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